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What is the lifted valve? 

It is a small frame placed on top of the ombrella. This system is useful to avoid that sudden gusts of wind damage the umbrella, and  compromise the stability of the structure.

Thelifted  valve is included on all  offset EdenGarden umbrellas.

How important is the lack of iron wire?

The traditional central hub with the iron wire is the most frequent cause of umbrellas braking. Morever, it  makes any reparation very expensive, as it  forces the technicians to  dismantle the frame completely even for small repairs.

EdenGarden has prepared all its models to be repaired without difficulty even by unexperienced personnel. All componenents of the frame are fastened with stainless steel nuts and screws, as to ensure maximum durability and ease maintenance.

The  EdenGarden umbrellas protect also  from the rain?

The acrylic fabric is sealed and protects from most of rain. For full protection we recommend the thermosealed PVC canvas. It is 100% waterproof and is provided at the same price as acrylic canvas.

I have the measures of the ambient to be covered, which is the right umbrella for me?

The answer, given the wide range of models EdenGarden, must be based on the needs and preferences of the customer. EdenGarden staff will be happy to assist you in choosing the model or combination of models to fit perfectly your outdoor space.

I can not find suitable size of Patio Umbrella for my outdoor space!

Try to contact us at our Request Form! Over the years we have built many customized models. Often the solution is simplier than you imagine!

I want to apply my logo on the canopy of the umbrella!

EdenGarden offers printing services on acrylic fabric, or personalized adhesives on PVC and Soltis. Please contact us for a quote!

How do I give prominence to the carrier beam in iroko wood?

The iroko wood is an extremely strong and durable material. It happens that, when exposed to weather and temperature changes, it presents a loss of color. In order to "revive" the wood, we recommend to apply on it some straw oil. One application of oil a year will be more than enough.

How to wash the fabric of my umbrella?

The cleaning instructions are listed at LINK.

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